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Dear Member of the Rowntree RUFC,

As you will probably know by now, Jim Baldwin has announced that after 12 years at the helm of our Club, he is stepping down as Chairman.

To simply say that Jim has had a beneficial impact on the Club would be a huge understatement. First, as a player, Jim can boast 250 appearances for Trees, and a monumental tally of 680 points scored!

After hanging up his boots, Jim tirelessly set out to expand the Club and, thanks to his unwavering commitment to our Ethos, he has helped create the thriving Club we know today. A look at the sideline crowds during Jim's last match as a Chairman confirmed what all of us already knew: Rowntree is a truly special Club. A solid structure where everyone can enjoy playing Rugby regardless of talent or finances, a warm welcome for old and new members and their families, we all know we can proudly sport our Club tie, and this is in no small part thanks to Jim's tireless efforts.

Over the years, Jim has surrounded himself with people who live and breathe Rowntree, but one person in particular should be properly recognised: a person who has allowed Jim the time and space for his all his hard work on our Club, namely, his wife Kirsty.


After such tremendous work, the Club is coming together to fund a well-deserved gift on behalf of players old and new, and all the Club Members who have enjoyed (and still do) their time with Rowntree RUFC. Please give as generously as possible so we can make this occasion truly momentous and unforgettable for Jim and Kirsty.

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