October Newsletter

September 28, 2021
Welcome to our October newsletter for members of Rowntree RUFC. In this newsletter you will find our monthly highlights.


Season 2021-2022: c’est reparti !

Rugby is back on the menu! Players and spectators have been greatly enjoying Saturday games of rugby for the past few weeks: now boasting two teams, Rowntree are roaming the Yorkshire 4 Leagues and the Merit Leagues. After convincingly kicking things off with victories against Leeds Mods (33-22), Knaresborough (74-5), and Halifax (67-10), the 1st XV hiccupped against rivals York RI in an exciting derby (19-14 to RI). Whilst the Lions XV stumbled against a sturdy Wensleydale 2s (10-7), the derby game against York RI 2 showed an avalanche for tries, paving the way to a conclusive victory (52-12). Both teams will be traveling to North Leeds next Saturday to battle Leeds Medics in what should be a thrilling double-header.


Reminder: Annual and Match-day Subs

Please pay your subs. That is all. Well, no, actually: your participation is essential to the good running of the Club, as it helps pay for referees, balls, equipment, food, amongst other things – all substantial aspects of a proper rugby club. If you need any assistance, technical or otherwise, please do get in touch with one of your friendly Committee Members.


Happy news!!!

Well, let’s see what we’ve got: 2 weddings and a memorable stag do! Ian Henderson, who most of you know as “Spidey” wove his web into a knot with the lovely Eva at the beginning of August. Ben Tunningley is now happily married to Olivia – although he missed a game before the big day, allegedly to protect his lovely face (eye roll), but we’ll forgive him, as we are told it was a beautiful wedding. In August as well, most of the Club descended upon Leeds for a post-marriage stag do (Covid, eh) for Dan Crump, which, whilst it has been described as memorable, there has been suggestions that given the quantities of beer guzzled during the day, not many of the attendees actually remember anything from the day. The day featured some combat brewery, some archery tasting, crazy breakfast and golf at Wetherspoons – perfect!


October Social Alert: Sh!t Shirt Day


This season’s first social event is almost upon us! Fashionistas, equip yourselves with a ghastly-looking shirt – the louder and more horrible the better! (Maffy, just wear one of your normal shirts mate.) The event will start in Leeds after the game against Medics, but for those unable to travel please meet at NESC for about 6:30 / 7pm, or on the top of Mickelgate for around 8pm. Partners and significant others not only welcome, but encouraged to attend!


Rowntree Business Directory:

Do you need a tradesperson or a professional service? As we are always looking for either a plumber, sparky, painters and decorators, etc… So why not use someone you can trust and know and more importantly it means we continue to support each other.

If you would like to be added to this directory as a tradesman, professional services etc .. please email Ryan at ryanroodt@gmail.com with the following information:

1) A photo
2) Your name and what you do
3) A few lines of what service you provide
4) email
5) website
6) telephone number

Final Call – Rowntree Bobble Hats

This will be the final call for the Bobble hats, as it currently stands interest has been low, and therefore would mean that an order won’t be submitted this season. If you do want one please submit your interest before the end of October via the contact form on site, stating how many you would like. Or speak to a committee member.


The Rowntree Society History Events and Newsletter

You might have heard of The Rowntree Society, a small charity in York which works to explore and share histories of the Rowntree family, company and charities (www.rowntreesociety.org.uk). We’ve been working with a volunteer at the Society recently to collect memories of the club’s history with some of our older members.

The Society is also collaborating with the Worker’s Educational Association (WEA) to produce a new history walking tour of the Haxby Road area which focuses on the Rowntree company’s contributions to wellbeing and community sports. They are also hosting an event in October to launch a new series of short films which explore Seebohm Rowntree’s 1940s surveys of people’s leisure habits in England, from gambling to dancehall to greyhound racing.

To find out more about these projects and the Society’s history work in the community over the last 16 years, you can sign up to the newsletter using the form here: http://eepurl.com/hpKKwL



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