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June 13, 2020

I am pleased to announce that we will have an additional playing strip this year which will allow us to deal with any clashes with opposition. The final image will be issued when the design is complete. During the process of securing this strip we have reviewed multiple different kit suppliers in the market including our incumbent Samurai. Unfortunately during the negotiations Samurai have remained inflexible on price and have demanded a level of Club Shop spend per year that is not possible for a Club of our size to expend. If this was agreed to and the spend level was not achieved then we would have to pay a financial penalty.

This position was unacceptable and as a result of much work I can now advise that we will be changing kit supplier to Raging Bull. The price is competitive, the kit is of good quality and the Club Shop has no prohibited spend limits.

I appreciate this is another change however the only real badge that is of interest is our Club and we cannot be held hostage to unreasonable demands.

The new Club Shop will have a multitude of ways to spend your money and will be open and available soon more details on this will follow.

The process of securing the best deal has been long and torturous and I would like to thank Fordy for his efforts.

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